Blackjack ABC

Online Blackjack – Pre-Play Checklist

There are hundreds of online casinos offering Blackjack online. It can be confusing knowing which site to select. Generally, the online casinos have a good reputation but there is still the odd corrupt site out there.

At Blackjack ABC we suggest you consider the following points when choosing an online casino:

  • Is it certified by an appropriate authority? Licenses are registered to particular countries, those from Eastern Europe or the Caribbean have had some bad press, whereas those from the following countries are generally considered more trustworthy: Antigua, Australia, Barbados, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Netherlands Antilles, United Kingdom.
  • Is the casino a small independent or does it belong to a well-known, trusted group?
  • Does the site appear to be transparent and user-focused? Is there an About Us page giving contact details and information about the site owners?
  • Consider beforehand how you want to play, which rules that are important to you, the minimum stake you are looking for etc. Your odds of winning can change dramatically with different house rules, for example the stated dealer’s action on a Soft 17, how many splits are allowed and can you double after splits? There are so many sites offering online Blackjack and many, many variations of the game, so shop around and find out that suits your level and playing style.
  • Are the payouts competitive? Check out the odds against other sites to see if your selected site is paying out a good rate. Most online games should have a payout of 3-2 for a Blackjack, with other winning bets getting 1-1.
  • Is the software up to date, fast and enjoyable to use? Some examples of well known, trusted Blackjack software includes Playtech, Cryptologic, Microgaming, and others still.
  • What are the payment options – both for you to pay and be paid?
  • Is there a customer support service and if so, does it offer live support? Support may be available via email, chat/message or by telephone. You may want to check out the responsiveness of the customer support service before embarking on a game.
  • Is there a chat room facility where you can learn from other players and discuss all things Blackjack?
  • Are there any casino promotions you can take advantage of? Particularly for new players, there are often additional bonuses and competitions; for those already using sites, loyalty bonuses can sometimes be awarded. Check out the small print on all offers before accepting them, as many have strings attached, for example, a pledge to bet a stated amount within a given period.
  • Read the Terms and Conditions to make sure nothing alarming is lurking there. Make sure you meet the geographic or age restrictions and are playing legally. If you are from the US, check that US players are accepted on the site.

Once you have answered these questions you can rest assured that your selected site is not only safe but that you have chosen an online casino that offers exactly what you are looking for.

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