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Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch is new on the scene but is already creating quite a stir – find out all about it below.

Blackjack is an ever evolving game; perhaps because of all the endearing features we have grown to love, or maybe because it has the capacity to captivate us further with new versions.

Blackjack Switch is the latest version of Blackjack to hit the casino hall and online tables. It is growing in popularity – so learn all about it here so that you can get in on the act.

The Game
Blackjack Switch is basically a lot more flexible than the standard game and offers players a lot more choice. Once the cards are dealt there are more options to consider. In Blackjack Switch:

  • To improve your hands you can move the second card from one hand to another.
  • You are even allowed to move a blackjack card if this is the second card!
  • Equal bets need to be put on both hands.

The Rules
This may all seem too good to be true – and I can almost see you all chomping at the bit to find a game of Blackjack Switch so that you can win an absolute fortune. But before you do, be aware that other rules have been added to give some advantage back to the house.

  • Six decks are used and all cards are dealt face up.
  • Although players can double after any two cards or after a split.
  • There is no ability to resplit.
  • The dealer hits on Soft 17.
  • Once the dealer goes over 21 all bets are ‘pushed’ except for the blackjacks which still wins.
  • There is a side bet on Blackjack Switch called the Super Match. You are allowed to place an extra bet if, within your first four dealt cards you get either two matching cards or multiple cards from one set. The odds for these special hands are as follows:
    • Pair: 1-1
    • 3 of a kind 5-1
    • 2 pairs 8-1
    • 4 of a kind 40-1
  • A Blackjack pays 1:1. Although the payouts are less than traditional Blackjack, the game is seen by many to be more fun and has the added excitement of more blackjacks being possible.

Online Blackjack Switch Came First
Blackjack Switch was initially introduced over the net but is now being introduced in many casino halls. This new ‘thrill a minute’ game may have a lower payout but to compensate for this it offers the excitement of an increased chance of a winning hand. It is a fast, challenging, fun game, offering players lots of opportunity to put their strategies into play.

Blackjack Switch may be the new kid on the block but it has first time customers coming back for more and is fast gathering a loyal fan base. Suited to both the virtual and land-based casino, its rising popularity indicates the likelihood of it becoming firmly established in casinos all over the world.

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Blackjack Switch is new on the scene but is already creating quite a stir –...