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Blackjack ABC is here to answer all of your questions. Take a look at the commonly asked question below to see if yours is there.

Q.1 How can I familiarize myself with Blackjack terms?

Simply refer to the Blackjack ABC Dictionary to learn the basics.

Q.2. Which is better a single deck or multi deck game?

Single deck games are easier for the uninitiated and also for those employing card counting tactics. They are easier to stay in the game due to the higher quantity of low cards, making it easier to have hands with multiple cards without going bust.

However, Blackjacks are less frequent in single card games making it harder to score the best winnings.

On the other hand, it is much easier to find good rules and conditions in multiple deck games.

Generally speaking, many feel that although single deck games offer better odds and playing maneuvers than multiple deck games, it is also easier for the house to play single deck games to their advantage.

Q.3 Do Blackjack Strategies and Card Counting Work?

It depends on what you mean by ‘work’. They do indeed improve your decision making within the game, undoubtedly increasing your odds if you play it right. However, they are no guarantees of success and casinos have many rules and regulations that can effectively counteract any advantage that a player gains. It all comes down to understanding the table rules and playing a canny game.

See our Blackjack How It Works (or re-titled?) page for further information on Blackjack strategies.

Q.4 Does Blackjack offer the best casino odds compared to other games?

In many cases this is true. Again it depends on the house rules and the ability of individual players. However, particularly with single deck games there can be excellent player opportunities against the house. Generally, the 3-2 payout for a Blackjack or 21 makes this game one of the highest payers.

Q.5 Where can I practice Blackjack for free?

Check out the Blackjack ABC Free Blackjack page for Free Blackjack Games.

Q.6 Is Online Blackjack similar to the casino-based game?

Yes. The basics of the game are the same and you will need to employ the same strategies in your play. In fact you have at your dispersal several feature not available at the casino, such as the ability to review and analyze past games.

The speed of the game is usually quicker online, but, having said that, you also have the opportunity to delay play and refer to Blackjack Strategy Cards.

There is greater flexibility in terms of when you play, where you play and how you dress (no formal attire required!) Some people prefer the more relaxed nature of online Blackjack, whilst others miss the atmosphere of the casino.

Many online casinos offer free practice games, low stake games and, most impressively, tend to beat the odds of land-based casinos. See our Online Blackjack article for more information on the virtual game.

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